Franz Bluske

DEFRAUDED by Franz Bluske San Luis Obispo, BEWARE !!!

Here is what happened on eBay to me with

I bought the pictured item as a direct buy for 5.900 USD. Contact the seller and were discussing details. I said I need to have the original pink title. And we discussed the payment issue.

For that he listed another article where it says as deposit for the car I have bought for 5.900 USD.

I paid that, made all arrangements, paid another 500 USD via ACH only to learn days after that he has no original title.

Now he relisted the item for 11.000 Direct buy. Which I bought again to protect my property.

Please click on the links to see the Text files.

ACH Transfer of 500 USD to Bluske

Click here for payment document 44442737

Paypal transfer to Bluske 1000 USD via Paypal

Click here for another payment document Transaction details – PayPal Bluske

Came up all the way from Austin, picked up the Car and trailer
Ron, who is a friend of a friend who offered help with loading
No sign of Mr. Bluske, so we called the police as we had strong doubts that the three items I purchased on Ebay are there. A case against fraud was filed.