Another 3 unique early parts on FHC

Upon assembly I have realized that the FHC does has another 3 parts which can not be exchanged with later FHC. The

These three parts were only used until FHC 886013 and 860478. So, only on the early body 1500 limited body shells before re-enginering took place. So make sure you do misplace them during restoration.

  • BD 21279 –> BD 23752 Prop support in open position
  • BD 21280 –> BD 21287 Pivot bracket for prop
  • BD21281 –> BD23712 Bracket on body receiving prop
early set at bottom
left the early problematic at windy condition
bottom the early pivot bracket
wider gap on later tailgate
short distance at early tail gate
Left the early style
the open version had the problem loosing the prop

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