Restoration target

The FHC 885735 was build in March 62, so still be considered as an early car but not a very early 61 flat floor as the other one 885066 that we are restoring in parallel.

This car is missing a few original items as most of the very early cars, but we will try source them.

The features:

  •  original opalescent Gunmetal paint with red interior.
  • this car might have been delivered with the steep 10° OTS bucket seats, but also the wider 20° Coupe seats were available. We will test both shaped and decide which we will leave in.

On you can see how the car was when purchased.

About 90% of the components were there but for some reason the body shell had be replaced by a later model. This might have been even before importing the car from US to UK, done due to an accident, corrosion or that one of the owners simply was too tall to fit in and found a decent later shell.

However, just after the body shell was perfectly restored it happened that one of the correct about 500 bodies for this car showed up un eBay in very bad condition. But still the original early shape and in my opinion worth restoring it and having this car 885735 an original body many at that point in time.

Yes, the other freshly restored body became surplus and we decided to build a new car just needing a new ID.

So, in case you have rotten S1 FHC or a title for sale, just let me know please and I can use my other obsolete body shell to us it for.