885066 assembly

First thing was a full cavity sealing. Plenty of wax was spread.

The inside of the bulkhead is always the first thing to assemble.


  1. Tail gate aperture
  2. Two retainer plates at back of roof
  3. Fitting wheel arch covers and side panels
  4. Sound and heat insulation
  5. fitting side boxes
  6. Vinyl on inner flange for boot extension board
  7. Vinyl on floor cross member
  8. fitting and installing cantrails
  9. fitting seal retainer
  10. installing rubber seals
  11. installing tail gate opener
  12. Fitting sill covers
  13. Fitting food area side covers
  14. installing side panels
  15. Installing B Posts
  16. 1/4 light windows
  17. installing door assembly
  18. Fitting tail gate