Early 3.8 61 features

066 straight rear bulk head

early fuel lid, here with a later lid to demonstrate the difference

No shims were used on the early cars.

B- post pillar

Left erliest door Hinges

Early door hinges had grease nipples …

… and were noticeably thinner.

Hollow and larger steering shaft

2nd style tailgate stud receiver

Early Butlers license plate light covers

early flute style side light

Early rear screen, here on a later style pattern to demonstrate the difference

early type diff mounting brackets left and right side

early style half shafts. Wider diameter hollow shafts with inner rod.

early flat dash top

early 122/1 owners manual

Early type GKN bolts

original brake and clutch reservoir

Early starter solenoid

Lucas starter Solenoid

Cooling fan motor

Early 3.8 steering wheel with visible aluminium core and different cross section than the later cars.

Very early throttle linkage with 3 slave shafts

Very early short seat runner

the first brand marking – LEVEROLL –

Top row the first version of Champion spark plug caps, discontinued about mid/late October 61, Second row was used  and last row is at least 4.2 or even earlier.

Correct spark plug caps. (2nd Version for E Type)

Original early LUCAS distributor cap

…. with original screw caps.

Temperature sender unit

First type of brake fluid reservoir caps. Only seen on very early cars. Replaced about mid 61 as shown below. (pic. is courtesy of David W. from UK)

second style brake fluid bottles caps

2nd style of caps did not have the 2 PAT: numbers on top as the even later did have from about mid 62
2nd style of caps did not have the 2 PAT: numbers on top as the even later did have from about mid 62

On the right the early steeper 10° backrest. To the left the later 20° backrest.

For comparison, on the right the shorter early seat slides whereas the later ones were longer for more seat travel.

correct distributor

top, the later JAGUAR badge, below the more squared letter profit for the very early cars

another view of the two different JAGUAR badges, the early one to the right

One of the very early LUCAS 22902 Dynamos, correct for 066

connectors on the LUCAS 22902, (here already restored, ready for installation)

to the left the very early dynamo C.16054 or LUCAS 22531, used on engine to 1509, so, only the first 509 engines had this extremely rare dynamo.(all OBL cars) In comparison the following C.18286 or LUCAS 22902 somewhat smaller case diameter.

one of the 509 early dynamos, extremely rare, sometime you will see offers on eBay with the attempt to manipulate the LUCAS number.

vent prop on the very early cars

in direct comparison

connectors side of the two 61 dynamos

correct starter motor

marking of the starter motor.

original welded louvers bonnet

orignal louvers

…will be restored but important to have one.

earliest pedal box with brass bush

Original early pedal box

early brake booster Kelsey Hayes

first type of gear box support mounting

Original dated wiper motor. Middle row indicates 12V 10 – 61 but original stamping dates 8 – 60, of not know for what reason. 75404 F indicates LHD whereas 75403D would indicate RHD

Another wiper motor to compare the font

speedo in km/h

orignal rev counter

top a later IRS cage with oblong holes, below an early cage with little round holes

Early fuel level sender

early type on top, later style below

early pedal box, with early brass bush holding clutch pedal

positive  ground

2 original gear knobs.

Original winged nearly E Type key fob

Exhaust clamps ….

NOS exhaust clamps ……

there is real one on the page

early FHC rear view mirror

Earliest hinge on the far right. Changed already in 61 to 2nd from right in 61 (maybe after the first 100 Coupes). In 62 another revised model with 2 mounting screws to the window frame. Far left, with long body mount when lower cantrail was introduced.

Very early 1/4 light had the hinges welded to the frame and were located lot higher than the later screwed on hinges. The change to 2 screw fixing occurred at car 850195 and 885585.

Top with hinge is the early type

Welded on and no screws.

original upper front suspension ball pin cover plate marked A&A

Very early original E Type screen washer pump.

early LUCAS screen jet pump 78337 E 12 V dated 3 – 61

On the left the early filler cap, on the right the later in black.

the upper links are the early type, the later were assembled

Close up, early style in front, later in the back unpainted

Boot board extension panel. The early larger type below. Due to the recess in the rear bulkhead for increased seat movement, the board had to be shortened to fit behind the seat backrest. Basically the top section had been cut off. Also the luggage runners had to be shortened. The smart and useful luggage stoppers were introduced only about December 61 according to my knowledge.

Top; early motive bar mountain bracket. Below: Later style with deeper recess for rubber support.

On the left the later FHC tailgate hinges, on the right the early style

Pulley, the single groove was used from the very first to about engine R5220 and then replaced with the double grooved.

Early cars had an aluminum date strap on the Master cylinder

Correctly dated 9/61

Very early brake cylinders with original body part no.

Other side with small DUNLOP letters

Early front brake cylinder with no “C” marking

Left the very early engine stabilizer support with thinner top plate, on the right the later thicker one.

One early and two later engine stabilizer support.

On the right, the very early Bonnet support bracket. The blue one is a later type with cut off edges for better clearance.

Door mounting to hinge screws. R- strenght
Mounting screws door hinge to body R- strength