885066 Original matching numbers engine

Very rare ALL ORIGINAL and MATCHING numbers car.

Stripping the engine

When I started to strip this engine I noticed that the screws were tight but all of them did come of with a strong push. Just been rebuild was my thought and infact, the waterpump has a new wheel and the belt tensioner is running smooth. The head was looking in great shape from outside and it also had plugs in spark plug threat.

Taking off the valve covers, I found dust, dirt and surface rust. I slackened the timing chain and removed the head. The engine was rebuild but somehome water had entered into three of the cylinders.

We will take it all apart again and will see how good the job was done and will make it as new again.

Restoring bolts


Balancing the engine crank shaft with damper


Water pump

a fully revised water pump and an original NOS pulley

Oil filter unit

Cam covers