34054 Body

The Body had suffered a transport damages but was insured by the transport company. A new bonnet had to be purchased and body had to be done. The owner, of which I bought this wonderful car, had the car painted in red, whereas the original color was black and that is how it is going to be again. However. The car was painted in red back in 1988, so 30 years ago and since then never ever been reassembled. The owner started but got back problems and stopped. shortly after. I fitted all the original Chrome to see how it fits. As there is no corrosion or bubbles at all on the paintwork, we grind down the top layer and paint it black.

Here are the relevant invoices of those years still in DM. Interesting that the prices then were even more expensive than today, apart from labour obviously. In Total 15.000 DM were spent in 1987/88 for the body. (and never been reassembled) but dry stored

New center bonnet from Netherlands for 2.800 DM in 1987 equals 1.450 €

Boot floor for 1.020 DM in 1987 which would be 550 € today.

2 door skins, a footwell and another panel for 636 €

Bodywork finished in 1988 finished for 8.500 €

and finally the paint job for 2.139 € in 1988

Sadly the previous owner had got it painted in red rather in original black. Good thing it was no corrosion on the car after some 30 years.