Very early FHC 1/4 light

During the restoration of my FHCs, I discovered multiple designs of 1/4 light hinges and mountings.

The very early cars had a very short lived hinge and mounting to the window frame. Not sure how many cars did have the 1st version but my guess is less than 100 cars before it changes to the first improvement for fitting and use at the car.

The 2nd improved version had a shorter leg because the mounting at the window was not aligned in driving direction but turned by 90° pointing towards the cabin. The mounting was still soldered.

Some time later, the soldering was replaced by 2 countersunk screws and a 3rd version of the hinge was introduced, which did not have the cylindrical operating finger but a round flat. However, with the introduction of the crash roll, another 4th hinge was required to fit over these rolls and had a much longer and curved leg.

Correct and all matching key -barrel

Today was a good day. After two other attempts finding the correct door lock barrel I eventually received the correct LH –> TO LOOK in FP version.

I had purchased two other before from US and one from UK when this 3rd arrived today from US. As this is, at least for me, a very important detail to have 1 key only for both doors and the ignition it was also logic that it had to be an original door look barrel to replace the one which was broken and damaged. All in all it did cost me about 500 USD incl. postage and import.

Well now I have just replaced the slots to fit the original FP key and will soon be installed at the doors.

Mounting Rear bumpers before fuel tank

Very important and often forgotten. On the 3.8 cars you have to mount the rear bumpers from the inside whereas on the 4.2 cars you have to install the bumpers from the outside. If the fuel tank installation would not be such a nasty and paint scratching job I would probably not mention it. but I think it is fair enough to advice you in order to avoid such hassle and double work.

Here I just finished the installation of rear bumpers on my 885066 FHC. The early cars up to about late mid 62 did have a very slim seal between the bumper and the body. After about mid 62 the seals were wider to allow a less precise and hence more inaccurate body work and fitting. To have such a tiny 1-2 mm gap all along the bumper requires a very skilled work as only a few coach builder are able to perform. Thanks to Rod and Lee Jay, who made such a great work that fitting the bumpers was a pleasure and took me 1 hours to mount both sides.

Here is the result