New stainless steel pistons rear brake of an E Type S3

The E Type S3 rear brakes are lot better than the small early DUNLOP on all S1 cars. Using stronger front brakes will also require stronger rear brakes to maintain the balance. The S3 are a perfect solution.

rear brake piston SS set

New stainless steel rear brake pistons

all 4 sites now have been cleaned, painted and ned stainless stell pistons.

—-and protected

Reassembled calipers

Hand brake components

Hand brake components are back from plating.

When disassembles I discovered that the all parts were plated yellow or silver. Not sure when the changeover was. On other restorations I find these components in either cad plated or goldfish.

These parts hereafter are all plated and will be installed in either a spare IRS, car 885066 or 885735.