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New parts added 01.07.2019

Very early 3.8 steering wheel

I would call this a mint 100% concourse original early 3.8 steering wheel incl. horn push, and 3 excellent correct screws

Price 1.750 GBP or near offer.

Cooling water valve housing very good 180 GBP

Excellent original 2+2 foldable rear seat 400 GBP with all the chromes in excellent condition

S2 dash top, very solid 280 GBP

New parts listed 27.01.2019

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4.2 Grab handle still original leather 50 GB

Newly cover 3.8 grab handle  80 GBP

Pair of original BRITAX seat belts in black NOS

Pair of original BRITAX seat belts in black, NOS

Pair of early original BRITAX seat belts in grey blue. Very good condition

Original OBL spares for sale. NOT the cheap CNC repro

Price: 200 GBP each

Very early 3.8 revised pedal box with early DUNLOP brake master cylinder. All cylinders have received a stainless steel sleeve and new internals. Please ask for quotation. Pedal plates are optional.

Price 3.999 GBP

3.8 Pedal box about end 61 to mid 62, cylinders and pedal plates are optional. Please inquire for price

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Grab handle 4.2  incl. mointing brackets 75 GBP ono

S1 heater box for restoration. tested fan motor 250 GBP ono (just the fan with motor is 175 GBP at SNG The box only is 300 GBP at SNG).

S1 Steering wheel, original reconditioned 350 GBP ono

Horn push S2 original  200 GBP ono

Hand brake lever assembly 300 GBP ono

Original JAGUAR E TYPE aircraft aluminum (not soft repro) Steering wheel, professionally restored 500 GBP ono

Speedo 3.8 and 4.2:   300 GBP  each ono

Instrument dash: 500 GBP or ono

Complete E Type IRS 3.07 PL fully rebuild.

Excellent condition with many upgrades

Price 9.500 GBP ono

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