Restoration target

The FHC 885735 was build in March 62, so still be considered as an early car but not a very early 61 flat floor as the other one 885066 that we are restoring in parallel.

After a very long decision period of pro and con, on how to restore this car, we eventually decided to make this 885735 as original as possible BUT with the improved features of later S1 features.

The features:

  •  original opalescent Gunmetal paint with red interior.
  • this car might have been delivered with the steep 10° OTS bucket seats, but also the wider 20° Coupe seats were available. We will test both shaped and decide which we will leave in.

We will also include further Jaguar factory improvements, which were rolled out some time after this car has been build.

We have decided to install:

  • a later S1 pedal box and the later brake booster, as safety is an important factor for a daily driver.
  • an uprated dynamo
  • starter
  • radiator
  • cooling fan
  • stainless steel brake cylinders