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Our FantastiC S1 2+2 featured in the E Type MAGAZINE

More as a coincidence our travel report to the Provence and back via the Alps in the E Type Magazine 172 and 173

After a full nut and bolt restoration over 3 years and a few 1000 km test drive we cold not wait cruising down to the Provence. The title page shows our opalescent dark green S1 2+2 1E77010 BW

Two short videos

First part of our tour

2nd part over the mountains.

DOOR HINGE variations

So far I have discovered 5 different door hinges. Now, to be 100% period correct we can only try to approach the correct VIN when things have changed. The first hinges were lot thinner and only the very first did have the grease nipple. On doors of body number around 1500 I found the early hinges without any grease nipple. Not sure when the reinforced and chunky hinges were introduced. You are welcome to let me know your hinge type and what VIN you have. Many thanks